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10   Please  list  all project  activities  (  meetings, events ) and indicate  an approximate timing when they will start.


Timetable format  : Starting period ( month )  and  Description  ( max  1000 characters )


Starting  period

 Description of activity

September 2018

Making the final product :  a PHOTOBOOK  Green areas  in our towns.

The  pupils  will take the photos of parks, gardens, protected trees and other  green places  in their town  in four seasons  and a year later  at a project meeting  FOREST  and GREEN AREAS in October 2019 they will compare  the green  areas  in Krupina and Krapinske Toplice and present them in the  form of  a PHOTOBOOK  and  a Power Point  presentation.

September  2018

Assure the results of chemical analysis of drinking water in both towns

October  2018


Topic :  WATER

This  will be  the opening  meeting where the pupils of both schools  will present rivers, dams, water areas, spas, waterfalls or sea in their countries and near their  towns or in their towns.  They are going to compare  the results of chemical analysis  of drinking  water in their towns.  They  will visit  the dam Bebrava  in Krupina,  the lake Štrbské Pleso in the national park the High Tatras, the  dam Liptovska Mara in the national park the Low Tatras.  The historician  of the local museum  in Krupina  will discuss with the pupils   about the enormous and destroying flood  in Krupina  in  1999.

Both schools will prepare Power Point Presentations  about  water areas and spas before the meeting  and present  them  in Krupina school.

March – April 2019

RESEARCH in KRUPINA :  Slovak pupils   will monitor  the transport situation  watching and  counting  the number of  cars, buses and lorries  driving in the main street in their town.  We know that especially Krupina  has got problem with enormous number of lorries crossing the town every working day. Watching the cars will be held two  hours daily for one week during working days  .

RESEARCH in  KRAPINSKE TOPLICE :  Croatian pupils will do research about the light pollution , the school has a lux meter and some experience covering this topic .   Ater informing pupils with the legal regulations in Croatia on light pollution issues  and  with basics of radiometry and photometry  , they  will do  a tour around households and their school using the digital luxmeter (a device that is used to accurately determine the amount of light required in the living space) and the observation of good and bad lighting patterns.  Later they will  be  creating field reports: a statistical overview of the use of different types of lighting fixtures (depending on the lamp holder and the type of light source used in the carrier ( tungsten lamp, halogen lamp, high pressure mercury bulb, high-pressure metal-halogen bulb, fluorescent tube, saving "bulb, led etc ...).

 BOTH RESULTS of research  will be given to local authorities . The schools will publish them on a local television KTV in Krupina and in a newspaper Zagorski list in Krapinske Toplice.

April  2019

PROJECT  MEETING  in Krapinske Toplice


The pupils of both schools  will present  the results of their previous research about the pollution in their towns.

Together the pupils and teachers are  going to visit   the National Park Plitvice Lakes.


May  2019

About  50  pupils of Krupina will plant about 100 trees in the forests near Krupina with the help of the company Town Forests Krupina ( Mestské lesy Krupina )  and about 30 pupils of Krapinske Toplice  will plant flowers and herbs in their school garden and they will beautify the surroundings of their school .

Both schools  will make the video  and the photos  of these actions .

October  2019



The pupils  will present the video from May  actions and  the green areas  in their towns in the form of a PHOTOBOOK  and a POWER  POINT presentation, they will show to their partners some parks, gardens, protected trees  in four seasons. 

At the same time, at each school there will be discussions  with  foresters about forest protection, with ornitologists  about  birds  in our forests, together at the project meeting we can make the posters or brochures of protected forest animals and compare the forest animals  in  Slovakia and Croatia.  We will  visit the High Tatras  with the second group of pupils and teachers from Croatia. 

April 2020

PROJECT MEETING  in Krapinske Toplice


Also : Final  evaluation of project activities and products

The pupils of  both schools  will participate in cleaning their towns separately in Krupina and Krapinske Toplice on the  Earth Day.

At the project meeting  in April 2020 they will present the process of recycling  in their families, schools  and towns.  They will produce their

COMMON  PRODUCT : English – Croatian - Slovak   DICTIONARY of environmental problems  and global warming problems. They will compare actual global warming problems and climate changes in Slovakia and Croatia.

This will be also the closing project meeting where we will evaluate all project activities , show our final products and  prepare some details for our exhibitions in Krupina and Krapinske Toplice.

May – June 2020

Exhibition  of project  final products and activities

in the Museum of Andrej Sládkovič  in Krupina

and in the  library and  at  school   in Krapinske Toplice


LONG  TERM   activities  during  project implementation

From September 2018 to August 2020

-        making an ecology magazine in Slovak and Croatian languages, separately in each school with global warming problems, poems, crosswords, environmental protection  , at least 4 issues during the implementation of two years,

-        contribute to the common website  We are eco- friendly – in English , Croatian or Slovak about  running activities, project meetings, common products

-        recycling process in the families, schools, towns

-        publishing the project results on television KTV in Krupina, in the newspaper  Zagorski list in Krapinske Toplice










In cooperation with:



Tešíme sa na spoluprácu


Základná škola Jozefa Cígera Hronského v Krupine sa zapojila do medzinárodného projektu Erasmus plus s cieľom zlepšiť komunikačné schopnosti našich žiakov v anglickom jazyku. Vybrali sme si za partnera chorvátsku školu z mesta Krapinske Toplice, ktoré je partnerským mestom mesta Krupina.



Programme of the  project meeting   FOREST –     October 2019 in Krupina

From the 6 October  to the  11 October 2019


SUNDAY – arrival in Krupina late afternoon from 4 pm to 5 pm

                   Slovak  team will be  waiting for you  at the car park near TESCO shop

MONDAY  - discussions in the classrooms  from 7. 50   to  13 . 00

                     Croatian pupils will visit 5 classrooms  and discuss with Slovak pupils

                     About  their free  time, Krapinske Toplice , Croatia, holidays, school , families

                     14. 00  - 15. 00  rehearsal of the programme Forest

                     15. 30 – teachers :  wellness programme in Dudince spa

TUESDAY – from 7. 50 to 13. 00 

                     Programme   FOREST  for  5 classes of the pupils   20 + 20 minutes

                     Afternoon :  trip for the teachers to Banska Bystrica

WEDNESDAY  -  trip to ZVOLEN, botanic garden , shopping centre Europe

                                                          Castle Zvolen  ( trip from 8.00 to 13.30 )

                     Free afternoon for the teachers and pupils, relax,

                     preparation of the material for the  posters  

THURSDAY – discussions with foresters in 3 classrooms

                       10 pupils ( 5 Slovak and 5 Croatian  pupils will make the posters

                                          with  3 Croatian teachers and 2 Slovak teachers )

                        Topic : forests in  Croatia and Slovakia, forest animals, trees,

                                    typical Croatian and Slovak trees )  workshop

                         afternoon programme for the teachers   :  meeting with our teachers

                                                                                                      at the cottage  in the forest

FRIDAY -  saying goodbye  at school  at 9. 00  ,  at  10. 00  departure of Croatian team         

PROJECT MEETING – POLLUTION – Erasmus+, May 2019, Krapinske Toplice, Croatia

Schools: Zakladna škola Jozefa Cigera Hronskeho Krupina

               Osnovna škola Krapinske Toplice


The programme of the meeting:

May 5, 2019 SUNDAY

The arrival of Slovak team of teachers and pupils in  the late afternoon

Accomodation in the hotel (teachers) and in the families (pupils)


May 6, 2019    MONDAY

8.30 Welcome at school, meeting the headmaster and the teaching staff

10.00 Welcome at the Municipality, meeting the mayor

12.00 Lunch at school

13.00 Pollution – programme rehearsal at the cinema


15.00 – Free time for the pupils and the teachers


May 7, 2019  TUESDAY

8.00 – 9.00 The preparation for the programme at the cinema

9.00 The beginning of the programme Pollution (presentations of Slovak and Croatian pupils)

12.00 Lunch at school for teachers and pupils

13.00 Walk around Krapinske Toplice (with Valentina Novoselec, our History teacher)

15.00 Free time for the pupils


May 8, 2019  WEDNESDAY

A whole day excursion to Plitvice Lakes

May 9, 2019  THURSDAY

8.00 – 10.00 pupils:  conversation with Croatian pupils in the classrooms  

teachers:  conversation about the following activities concerning the project

10.00 – 13.00 visiting the Radboa Museum

14.00 Free time for pupils

14.00 Programme for teachers: meeting with our teachers staff – discussion about the school system                       

          in both countries

Lunch at school


May 10, 2019  FRIDAY

9.00 Saying goodbye at school

10.00 Departure to Slovakia

Light Pollution Questionnaire